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13 January 2011

Pre-Fall sounds fancy, right? (part 1)

Proenza Schouler. Here we are, again. I guess I'll make a Proenza Schouler-themed post and collect all the previous collections' number ones. Good idea? In the ropes: a street boy with his loose three-quarter pants and black socks versus the french Vogue's editor-in-chief with her sharp, black jacket (yes we all know Emmanuelle Alt is that now, so no more posts about it, PLEASE, by the way good luck Emmanuelle!). Seems none of the dualists could win, so Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez mixed the laxaty of streets and the elegance of french ones. Dresses for Sissy Hankshaw, the cowgirl and for Ellen Church's reincarnations at United Airlines. Attention! THIS pink is not a "hey sweeties I'm a girl and my favourite colour is the sweetest sweetie pink" kinda stuff. (Actually these are Guatemalan stripes, as Jack said.)
3.1 Phillip Lim. Looking same and so different. The colors, the materials, the detail cuts. Definitely THE coats of the season. As I was hanging around pre-fall collections, I realized that for sure we will wear coats and flared trousers like THESE for this fall. Jesus. I mean, last time I wore flared trousers was in elementary school, and I make you sure that wasn't lately (alas!). We'll see, exciting.
Balenciaga. The odd-one-out. What is happening around the house of Balenciaga? Chaos in minds, I guess. Leatwasy I hope, Mr. Ghesquière. I have various and strange feelings. These "grandma's outfit for grocery shopping" inspirated clothes raise the question: where's the dividing line between ugly and stylish. The purple fur with that skirt pulled on trousers stuff, the running shoes, the here and there military printed sweater, the dazzling kitschy coat, the Lassie-headed sweater (actually it was made in 2000 a/w already, take a look at here!), and the last decade's high heels looks pretty funny on a model who has a face like the young Marilyn Manson. There's something lovely about this collection. If you can formulate what it is exactly, don't be shy to comment!
Read my pre-fall "reviews" on Calvin Klein and Rag & Bone. Or search for other collections here. PRE-FALL 2011: Proenza Schouler, 3.1 Philip Lim, Balenciaga. Photos via style.com selected and edited by me

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