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19 January 2012

sleepy hollow

cold and winter makes everything look scarry
but still, theres something I love about winter
kinda romantic the moment when your skin starts itching because its almost frozen
the big disappointment was we havent got much snow this year
I miss snow aggr maybe I should go to alaska haha

18 January 2012


boredom in december
my butlins chalet
I miss a little bit butlins, work, friends there
no, I miss them a lot hahha
I'll be back in a week
in the last few days Ive watched disney classics like cinderella, snow white and the seven dwarfs or the hunchback of notre dame
felt so heartwarming
hey kids, believe in tales, believe in dreams, and never ever give them up!

13 January 2012

shakespeare and lewis

how exciting is finding english books in a hungarian second hand shop hahha
in the shakespeare one theres a lot penciled side notes
and it almost falls apart
love old, used books
I need to read more and more and more in english
actually I read only in english lately
I do love this language

cinema-night tomo *cant wait!!!!

a tenger

The voice which never lies

12 January 2012

new year new glasses

yep, an emporio armani one
havent got real lens in yet, but tomorrow
and not only new glasses but everything is going to be new this year
new clothes
new hopes
new purposes
and a new body
I need to get in shape again so I re-started my daily 1-hour jogging
and doing a hardcore diet
and I feel good
I feel the power in myself
NEW LIFE... I welcome you with open arms

11 January 2012

double decker

end of december
going home from shopping, you know, 50% offs
was kinda scarry traveling on top-deck
but fun and beautiful at the same time

crap blackberry photos, but more coming
have a nice night kids
I need some booze, seriously

08 January 2012

remember september

one of the first days at the sea
great times

soaking wet

06 January 2012


one of the lonely nights
wish I was 18 again

Michael Bublé: Cry Me A River

05 January 2012

butlins : home

Yesterday after 15 hours of travel finally Ive arrived home
Minehead... Taunton... Heathrow... Luton... Budapest... Home
surprisingly I really enjoyed flying this time...
the scent of home, free hugs and warm cocoa LOVELYYY
there's no place like home
at the same time it feels so weird, this last 3 months seems so far away, like it never even happened, weird
actually I already miss England
but it's ok, I'll be back in 3 weeks so now I try to spend as much time with my family as I can
I love them and I missed them so so so much soooo -- good to be at home <3
(photos: stuff chalets in butlins)