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22 November 2011

jump jump

yesterday's night was partytime
you know guys, we work through the weekend so monday is the saturday for us
I was dancing A LOT to overplayed hits like Badman Riddim but it was fun tho was pretty drunk so... laughing and dancing till sweating, I felt freedom
I really needed this dance-dose, just forgeting about all my misery
needed to empty my mind and release my body
but Ive also suffered
still suffering
cant tell you why now
stupid situations, trouble, sluts

today, 6.01 pm, bbc news
I'm still in my pyjamas, watching tv and eating fruits
relaxing, forgeting about all my foolish acts
in the afternoon watched Operation Petticoat on channel 4 from 1959 with Cary Grant and Tony Curtis
it was fucking hilarious! I laughed a lot!
ah time to get off bed I guess

20 November 2011

staying at home

I'm ill, got cold AGAIN, really can't believe. I had to blow my nose at work in every 5 minutes, so annoying
it's adult weekend, what means thousands of horny and drunk fellas and chicks
How pathetic the way as all these females are desperately trying to get a fuck
wearing t-shirts like:
I love to suck
I love dick milk
I love 1 night stands
Fucking hell. they're so cheap...
yesterday's ill face, couldn't go out *whining*
trying to get well, eating banana and vitamin C
Monday night, come fast! I'll dance


got 2 uniforms, work 6 days a week = means 3 laundry days a week.... god, where's the logic?
more uniforms or a personal washing mashine, right? that's logic

17 November 2011

the silver ball

after this unintended break, I'm back!!
did you miss me guys? not really, yeah
weird times I live through, weird and unusual feeling's circulating in my mind and heart
I've got a lot to tell, full of unexplainable feelings
I need help

I've been busy with work and oppressive thoughts but anyway I've spent 2 days in Bristol, spent all my money on clothes, aaaah
later later