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24 February 2012

gumipop and blur

if you're hungarian you may remember Gumipop,... regular friday parties with lots of indie music and the best of pop..I dont know if it still exists, last time Ive been there was in 2009, when this picture was taken as well
god, so long ago...
.....miss those drunk pogo nights back in hungary haha
Loved those times, and kinda miss it, truly hate this music Im forced to listen here every day
Just really looking forward to move to london.
2 days ago we watched the brit awards and it just made me clearly realize that rihanna sucks and BLUR still rocks, they gave a several-track show and I loved every moment of it. how mighty seeing that Damon Albarn is still that rebel kid in martens boots who we loved in our teenage years, love them!!!
so just bought NME today, they're on the cover, I used to buy it years ago and now I buy it again, I got POSTERS!!!!!!!!!! YEAAAH

17 February 2012


my absolutely favourite track nowdays,
the lyrics is fuckin mental I do love it, one of the best lyrics ever!!
To all the arrogant asses and to all the boys I ever loved
Satellite by Sex Pistols

10 February 2012

so true

At the moment I feel like I want to smash everything up and tear everything down. I want to turn myself inside out. I want to enjoy my moment of confusion, but at the same time, not feel that I am standing on the border of the reckless and insane. I want to be free.
Tracey Emin

no magic

04 February 2012


west england
pure shores

01 February 2012

eagles of death metal

I am back to my basics - means rock n roll!!!!!
Yesterday I was listening to eagles of death metal, stooges, sex pistols, the doors... all the classics
and was like an orgasm, felt incredible good listening REAL music instead of all this new crap
these are the analogue photographs of an eagles of death metal concert from 2009 at budapest (can you see jesse hughes??), was one of the best concerts of my life
however i love and listen to all kind of music from jazz to techno, I think my heart belongs to rock n roll, the rough staff you know
I would never say that No I dont listen to this or that because it's mainstream, that's bullshit
I hate people whos only and solely willing to listen underground music or anything what not labelled pop... there's quality pop music, you just have to select and hear it, you agree?

how could you not?