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01 February 2012

eagles of death metal

I am back to my basics - means rock n roll!!!!!
Yesterday I was listening to eagles of death metal, stooges, sex pistols, the doors... all the classics
and was like an orgasm, felt incredible good listening REAL music instead of all this new crap
these are the analogue photographs of an eagles of death metal concert from 2009 at budapest (can you see jesse hughes??), was one of the best concerts of my life
however i love and listen to all kind of music from jazz to techno, I think my heart belongs to rock n roll, the rough staff you know
I would never say that No I dont listen to this or that because it's mainstream, that's bullshit
I hate people whos only and solely willing to listen underground music or anything what not labelled pop... there's quality pop music, you just have to select and hear it, you agree?

how could you not?

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