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17 November 2011

the silver ball

after this unintended break, I'm back!!
did you miss me guys? not really, yeah
weird times I live through, weird and unusual feeling's circulating in my mind and heart
I've got a lot to tell, full of unexplainable feelings
I need help

I've been busy with work and oppressive thoughts but anyway I've spent 2 days in Bristol, spent all my money on clothes, aaaah
later later

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Anonymous said...


Andariel said...

You look just like this Silver ball to me :D

© anna said...

hahahaha who are you?

Andariel said...

Just a guy who also lives the Butlins Dream :D Though I'm much rather like a Sphere. Thats why I'm curious about Silver balls like you :D

© anna said...

omg! who are you, I want to know :D !! do I know u?

Andariel said...


You'r funny. Buy the way I feel sorry for you, although your ill face pictures made my day :D
But seriously, I hope you'll get better, I used to hate being sick, its so pointless and miserable.

And you dont know me yet, I only saw you here a couple of times. For example yesterday for a short moment, It was like 11 AM or something, and I really wanted to say a hy or a thing like that, but I was so damned tired, because yesterday I started to work at 3 AM so....I think you can imagine how I felt, so I definitely wasn't at my A-game, therefore, I pulled my hood into my face and just tryed to pretend that I'm invisible :D

Anyways, you have to cure yourself first, then we can have a cup of tee. I'll bring the sugar :D

© anna said...


seriously just tell me who u are!

thanks for the good wishes, I feel way more better today

it's ok, you saw me a couple of times but where do u know my name and my blog from?? this whole things' a bit cloudy and freaky

u saw me at burger king? I served u? or in jaks?

yes u could see me yesterday around 11, i was walking to work, but i cant remember u
was pretty tired too

so, tell me who u are, Im curious


Andariel said...

Well...I didn't know that you work at the Burger King, or in Jacks, you work on both places? Or you do overtime in one of these? Anyway....I was on facebook, and your name just popped up among many others, maybe we have some mutual friends I dont know, it really doesn't matter....after your picture you looked familiar, so I just clicked on it, and there I saw your blog, and then I was like, hmmm lets see whats this girl all about, so I clicked on it, and now we are talking... all these things happened pretty accidently though.

And I'm George, I worked at Accomodation before, and now at Enviromental wich is even worse, so because of that I used to do overtimes in Oceandrive Restaurant, and also in Coast and Coral just to feel myself....I dont know..... Human :D instead of an Insect or a slave or stuff like that. So....Is there anything else what you'd like to know about me? Oh by the way, Andariel is my nickname, its not like I try to hyde my identity from people, more like my choosen name what I used to use on internet thats it.

© anna said...


magyar vagy,igaz?
igen a burgerben dolgozom, a jaksbe bulizni szoktam járni

nem voltál ott tegnap véletlenül?

Andariel said...

Igen, és nem :D

Judice said...

Glad yer back

© anna said...