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05 January 2011

Does anyone want to kill military?

Military. Can we kill military? Does anyone want to kill military? No, nobody can kill military. Leastways for a while. Camouflage yourself in the concretejungle? Do not try. No, the real profession is being invisible and - at the same time - being someone that people could not put out of their head. You know what I mean. Being iconic without blat. Yes, the army power/Khaki-thing is in spring collections like Burberry Prorsum, MaxMara, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Dries Van Noten, Nicholas K, Etro, just to mention a few. So go to the next fishing- and hunting shop and buy some terrain spots. Army clothes require fundamental colours next to them, actually, wear no colours with a military piece except if you wish to look like a cockatoo. As I see for this year there'll be three strong fashion rules: get some military, get some sheer, get some hair dyein'. For looking like a bum you'll get the premium compliment.
Knit fishing wire dress by Jil Sander, camouflage army jacket.
Feral girl by Bella Howard

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