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02 January 2011

Last days of last year

On the 30th of December we went to a party at Citadella, Budapest. It was POPOF. I tell ya, I did not know his music. But it was frantic! He's a french DJ, playing minimal techno and electro mixed with a sip of tech-house. Here's a little video from the former DJ, Karányi's set. Why I could not take pictures or more videos on POPOF? Because I had a new experience on the dancefloor. I could not stop moving, dancing, slicing. Actually I was dancing for 4 hours without any intermission. Huh. So cool. And I didn't want to stop. I could slack and forget everything. I'd blow off. On the next days I felt terrible stiff but it was worth it. Later, at dawn we were watching a horror movie from 1987 called Evil Dead 2 and geez it was so f*cking funny, I mean, so ridiculous and killing that it was somehow amusing. Ah. Watch it on a high dawn, I ungrudgingly suggest to do, you'll have fun. By the way, listen to my most favourite songs by POPOF: Mr. Orange and Serenity. This was the best night/party since long time.

On the 31th of December we went home (in this case, I mean my boyfriend and myself on we) and I took this picture on our way. At new year's eve we clinked glasses and were drinking champagne with his parents and watching the television. I'm glad we went nowhere. I'm an anti-new-year's-ever.
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