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18 January 2011

I'm going to levitate in the anger I feel now

In the last few days I wasn't in the doing-something-cool mood, and still there's too much problems. It seems life is coming back into me, but not as you may think. Actually I am a bounder for some time past. Usually there's thoughts in my mind like "I hate everyone", as the granny or like "why people think they have to jawing incessantly about something?" Cheap talks. Why can't they shut the fuck up? Just for a while? (Really, I'd rather talk to flowers, I'd gladly learn their language.) So annoying. I am so annoyed by the milieu I'm in. Today I've realized why. They are the wrong people. Not the people I want to be with. I wanna be uncoloured, voiceless, unseen. I don't see them and they don't see me. This feeling strenghtened and now it rules. The best solution is to take a long pull at my mum's herbal bottle, feel no pain and staring B-movies whole night long? Yes, sounds fair. Hannah Jean said I always seem sad. Thank you for your care, my dear! I'm not sad or something, I'm frustrated, bitter a bit. I mourn for my own soul, because I'm selfish and I can do that. So don't worry it's okay to lose your personality sometimes and create a new one. A better one. A wicked one. We can do anything we want to. I can do anything I want to. I like to be selfish and evil. Usually.
I wear black. I wear Ann Demeulemeester.
I listen to Bikini Kill. I levitate myself.
Just because I can.


Frustration, Feels Blind by Bikini Kill: recorded Live in Washington D.C. on April 4th 1992, unknown girl, Bitter Moon by Roman Polanski 1992, Ann Demeulemeester autumn/winter 1997/1998, Shut the Muddle up by butchtuffington, unknown, levitation original

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E said...

new post?:)



Velvet Poppy said...

I love your words... Now, I'm in the same situation as you are..
I think that I need something more than...than... than life, more than my life...I need something better...

I think, because of the way you talk, you are a very interesting person... Hopefully everyone was like you

Alba G.

saigon said...

are u sagittarius by the way? i am and think a lot like u.
wonderful sentences. really enjoy your bookish style.


Thank you!

velvet poppy- I totally understand,I feel this too.I need an other life.but i can change and stop complaining.at least i try

saigon- no actually i am taurus.my father is a sagittarius.have the same thoughts/feelings?so exciting!
köszönöm a többit! :)