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18 March 2011

'Ugly Shoes We Love' in Papercut magazine

My article about Ugly Shoes in the latest issue of Papercut magazine. Something about the connection between ugly and beauty, The Age of Ugly Shoes, the two different ways for following fashion, the vicious cycle you fall into if you wear ugly and two pieces of my new born collection.
Thank you so much for Papercut and Nicole Bechard for giving me the chance to appear in their cool magazine and being the part of it for a while.
Read the magazine and my article by clicking HERE.
Ugly Shoes We Love by Annamaria Kiss is at 25 of 92. Thank you.
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Hannah Jean said...

Good article.
I've been thinking about the media and what is "ugly" and what is "pretty" lately.
You watch telivision, open magazines or listen to the radio, and you're almost sure to come across some sort of weight loss pill or diet. The way celebrities are being photoshopped in pictures to look thin leads us to think that we should strive to be that thin. It's not real, and maybe it's evn impossible sometimes.
Recently I've heard lots of stories about obese children and how kids aren't exercising enough. Yet, other people will be going on about how eating didorders are becoming more common. It makes perfect sense that they would be; everywhere you turn someone is telling you to be thin.
I don't really have a conclusion to that, but your post just got me thinking. And I know that I was thinking more about weight, while you were thinking about appearance, but weight is what comes to my mind first when I think of the perception of "ugly" and "pretty"
Anna Maria, you are great; never stop blogging
xo Hannah Jean.