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09 March 2011

Does it say in there that I'm promiscuous?

This title describes my posts, too. Ah. I have a huge, I mean ENORMOUS, to-do list so I'm suffocating --- tons of books to read, tons of films to watch, tons of collections to look at my mouth waters for, tons of blogs, magazines and tumblrs to look through, tons of homework to do, tons of thoughts to write into The Book... and many more, of course. By the way (part 1), currently I read Edgar Allan Poe, The Lord of the Rings and a book called Divattükör (a hungarian one, means something like Fashionmirror) by Antal Csipes. And on 15th of March my article about Ugly Shoes are going to come out in a cool magazine. Life's great. By the way (part 2), here's a little question to START the conversation between You and me: which was the last film/book you saw/read and how much you liked it or not? I am ready for the voices, c'mon!
Sources: The Doom Generation, Nancy Spungen, Winona Ryder in Girl, Interrupted 1999, The Fog 1980, Pump Up the Volume 1990

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Hannah Jean said...

I don't remember the title of the last film I saw but it was a musical. The last book I read was really a textbook, but other than that it was probably doucumentry about The Beatles, though I didn't finish it. I think it was called Meet The Beatles. And sure, I liked it.

Velvet Poppy said...

I saw Somewhere yesterday, by Sofia Coppola, and I love it! Last book A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood


Alba G.