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16 March 2011

Ray of Light

Last week the first smells and rays of spring were intruded into my room. Warm lights. Really seems this spring has some inspirational power, I feel myself strong and determined, rays give me mighty energies and positive charges. Creating and working more and more (and by the way refreshing my weardrobe: I'm selling some clothes - unfortunately only for my hungarian readers because of my worldwide delivery problems).
We (mum and me) had a some-kind-of spring-cleaning process but in a low key way, yet. I found two postcards at the bottom of a dusty drawer. Venice, Italy and the Big Apple. There's some italian text on this, was written to my mother, Elisabeth. I love her international name. In hungarian it sounds Erzsébet. Is this a love letter? Anyway, it's beautiful.
Oh, yes, my heart is bleeding. N e w  Y o r k  C i t y. My biggest desire since I was 13. My cousin lived there for 5 years in the nineties and she sent me some clothes and I still wear those t-shirts. Jesus, you see! She always will be my lovely and special cousin WHO LIVED IN NEW YORK, even that was so long ago. Sooner or later I will live in the USA, I know this for sure. About my mad adration for the USA I'll write later if I find the words to express this painful love.

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Anna said...

I completely understand your desire for NYC...I have lived there off and on since I was young and I ache for it when I'm not there. Desire is half the fight, you'll get there. ;-)