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19 May 2010

Hello, YOU!

It's time to say hello and give a bit of introduction about myself and the blog. My name is Annamária and I am from Hungary. I grad in liberal arts, qualified in filmtheory and filmhistory.

I gonna write with passion, mode and enthusiasm about everything I'm enthralled by - all kinda proliferates of ART - so fashion, music, film, photography, painting, design and so on. Style is above all. I mean, everything that has remarkable and special matter. There'll be personals, styling works, critics and articles, too. One more note. I gonna bring out all of my publications either in the online media or in the printed press.

So let's begin. Pay attention: Oui, Mademoiselle is on Facebook! If you like what I'm doing don't be shy and follow me via Facebook, Twitter or Bloglovin'! I'm curious of any kinda opinion, bad or good, comments are welcome and appreciated, Likes make me smile and keep me continue. Contact me if you have any question, notion or friendliness: contact.ouimad@gmail.com. Other places you can find me are Flickr and YouTube.
Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Annamaria, great blog! I've been too Hungary couple times I'm originally from Poland but live San Francisco now.