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08 November 2010


So you call me unreliable? You don't trust me anymore? You feel like I've stiffed you? Oh yes. I know. I let you hate me now. I promised posts but there wasn't, but - hail HAIL! - I said nothing about changes, and voilá, here's a HUGE change on the blog's design and there'll be even in the posts. I tell you why. I do like tumbrls (actually I had once but I hated its post editor so I deleted) and I like the minimalism in their designs. So I redesigned the blog. It's cool, ain't it?
And this blog never will be about stuffs like the Jennifer Lopez/Gucci, the Lanvin/H&M or the Madonna/Dolce&Gabbana collaborations. No. Actually I am bored of reading the same fashion moments on most of the blogs.
The other change: only english text. No more hungarian words. It was a hard decision and if there's too much complaint maybe I rethink it. But hey HUNS, let's give it a try. Nobody will hurt, right? Because you know how precious you are to my heart.
New posts are on their way.

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