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29 April 2011

Blood Pressures

I am older, again. I always live through my birthdays as a tragedy. I feel myself even more blighter. My luck is that there are some amazing people around me who try to make my big day fun, you know, every dog has his day. Usually they succeed in doing it and I forget about getting older and merge in the joy that this is the day when we can spend more and more money on crap, superfluous and silly things. So this was a good birthday, again.
Thank you for the cool new memories and presents.
Like this azalea - and some Jim Beam & Cola at the lakeside. Nice.

Plus one extra note. The new The Kills album. Genius, as always. This is my number one favourite track of it, it's on my "Don't give up" jogging playlist, too. I guess The Kills is one of the coolest bands ever, and I wish I could kill the guitar this cruel.
This is what I really feel recently: Future starts so slow.

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