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05 September 2011


Here we are, I unabashedly push my face into yours... how selfish I am, right? I told you about the changes, AGAIN, AGGGR. Aren't you annoyed by the constantly changing I cultivate? I am so.
I've realized I do not have the time to collect and arrange all these images every day. From now on, only one - let's call - inspiration post will be published weekly, but that'll be plentiful and only about those things I am hardly amazed at. The blog turns to be more personal - my little everyday moments, more details, more sudden thoughts, small talks and speculation. More clothes, more oufits. What you think? PLEASE TELL ME SOMETHING, I'M THIRSTY FOR YOUR WORDS.
Oh, and the portfolio link is available, sure, more proper portfolio soon. Have you got any idea why I need a portfolio?!? No?!? Guess and I'll tell!

1 comment(s):

Irene said...

i really like the pictures you upload here
+ i love that fur coat (not the fact that is real fur, but oh well)
+ i enjoy fall soooo much too

i like your taste x