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14 July 2011

The perfect superiority scene what every woman dreams of

(...and the answer for dear Hannah Jean!)
Can you imagine any cooler encounter? Gosh, such a perfect scene, when you, the woman is in superiority position, observing the man, and you do anything you want from being totally naked through sniffing cocain to shaving your pussy, anything, and he cannot able to see you while he's dying in curiosity and trying to find out how to get drunk as soon as possible to sustain the pulsating voltage of the woman's sexual appeal and the smashing fear of his boss' punishment if he would touch you. Your divine voice gives orders because he's your slave, in every sense, you're the boss' wife, don't forget. Ah, I'm in flames. Why we tirelessly need observing? The United Nations of Voyeurs, the alternative name of Earth, that's why. Don't lie to yourself, everyone competes for the role of 'Big Brother', because we all love to watch our neighbour's sweaty tail while she's hoeing the allotment.

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