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13 July 2011

I'M BACK (it seems)

Two months passed and it seems I can't live without blogspot. Actually I've got lazy in writing on tumblr - bad bad thing, and this reblogging, one shot/post is not my thing. So, no more useless words, I'm back, and going to write more about films, some kinda lazy, quicky film reviews, more music, thoughts, inspiration blabla and less fashion. I guess I've realized fashion is not my business. Currently I'm writing my first screenplay and book, trying to make some impressively cool music, learning English harder, reading a lot, and doing my everyday one-and-a-half-hour jogging. In September with my boyfriend we're going to move to London, trying to sell my works and getting into film industry, showing myself at thousands of castings, even working as an extra, anything, just to BE THERE. I know how hard it will be but I really wait for this tear-full fighting and I'm pretty confident in success. (At least I'm building self-confidence and trying to prepare myself for success, HAH. Am I pompous? Is this all gobbledygook? I might think it's more the words of a pushy little dreamer. Once you dream, dream big - that's my motto.)
Nowdays I mostly listen to 50s rock n' roll and country, so here's a woman who I have fallen in love with.
QUESTION FOR ADVANCED PLAYERS (you can answer I'm sure): this song was the soundtrack of which film?

Note: a website (!!!) is coming soon, and screenplay and book synopses, portfolio, music, videos and who knows what else. Oh and of course, this url will change.
Note #2: I'm wondering about changing my name, I don't like Anna Kazmanowski anymore. I have a new idea, you'll like it.
Note #3 (and then I stop being lazy and start continue today's hard work): Should I stay here, or back to tumblr? I'm puzzled, help me. Plus I know I'm annoying and untraceable with this lot of, unbearably lot changing, sorry for that.
Have a nice day kids!

3 comment(s):

Anonymous said...

What would you be changing your name to? Oh and I have no idea which film that Son of a Preacher Man was on the soundtrack to, but that song sure does bring back memories....

janettaylor said...

Welcome back! :)

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, GOD, THANK YOU. I got relly worried when you were wasting your talents only being on tumblr.