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06 March 2012


Yesterday I was thinking about fashion... I dont know if theres anyone who follows me from the really beginning, but I was just wondering last night why Ive negleted writing about fashion from a while. if I look back I remember how hard I wanted getting into the fashion business and working in it. Maybe the reason why I stopped dreaming about it is the same reason why I cant achive anything... it's because I always convince myself I got no talent, I am shit. I should not give up everything I start. thats gonna be my new motto, JUST do not give up! seriously
Ive decided what I must achive by May and I will, I know. Promised to myself.
As Im getting older Im much more into the style I could describe Simpleness spiced with a little oddity. You know what I mean... spiky earrings, green nails, gold shoes, etc.
Just watched this video, The making of Crazy, and look at Liv Tyler...just perfect. I seriously love her 90s style, the way she dressed is so pure, posh and at the same time, available. Love it. Thats why my favourite brand/shop is American Apparel. More reasons later!

photo: Vlada Roslyakova in i-D september 2005 by Nick Haymes

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Anonymous said...

i have the same problem (if i can call it a problem) but i still think i won't achive anything, i can't stop thinking about it, i have no talent, do you have any tips how to destroy these thoughts?