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11 October 2011

big girl

So first of all, here's a little memory from the station of West Somerset Railway. More and more pictures coming soon about the amazing south-west English countryside, I promise. At least a part of that. Oh guys I got too much to tell. Actually first in my life I love the place where I work. Because of the team. So many nice and funny people.

Today, one of the nice English boys put in the Mika album Life in Cartoon Motion at work, I've heard these songs like Big Girl and Grace Kelly and Lollipop and they totally made my day. Listening to Mika whole day long and I feel happy. It's even happy to say it out loud. I know I'm old and I shouldn't be here by now, and I shoulda work harder on my enormous dreams, but I don't care today. I just dance and smile.

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